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Pico Day Apology Pico Day Apology

Rated 0 / 5 stars

turned it off instead

When someone starts off by saying "here is some CRAP to show you", it basically says about that person that he is not proud of what he did. You knew that you didn't want to post this, but did it anyway so that you could turn the embarassment into humor and in doing so would allow you to relieve some of the tension you felt. You shouldn't express yourself when you feel like that. It would be 100 times COOLER if you used all that energy (instead of hurting yourself with negative remarks to your own work) and created the most amazing Flash movie you have ever made. The secret to making that kind of movie when you don't feel too good is to "free-flow", like a rapper does. But don't animate stuff that isn't fun for you. Hook on to some random idea in your mind, then let the story develop in wild and wacky ways. As soon as the ideas start rushing through, START THE ANIMATION amigo! I will rate you a "0" because you know that's what it was. But I will expect you to resubmit something that would impress EVEN YOU. Go back to your drawing table, come up with something that will prove us all wrong about you, and post here in 3 DAYS. Don't complain...just go right through the pain and kick ass, my friend!

Let's see what you are really made of...

swiftstylerX responds:

Oh my god, you're retarded. IF you DID watch it, you would realize I already HAVE made great movies on Newgrounds. In fact, I've won around $800 in prize money here. Next time you make such a huge review, do some research first.

I made this to let my fans know I WASN'T finished the real deal.

Tank Epic Tank Epic

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Where's the game for this?

Yeah, I'd like to see a game with 3D characters like this. Join a collab or something. You can be the animator/artist!

The video quality was a bit on the pixelated side. The colors looked washed out. I liked it, but I want to see the better quality one....even if it takes 10 minutes to load. It's worth the wait to see your stuff!

Well done. It has the "epic" feeling. Good music choice and attacking scene (soldiers marching forward).